Switzerland’s payment app, you can make convenient and secure payments using your smartphone. Twint app makes it really easy for you to pay at the cash register, in the supermarket, in the online shop and when shopping in the farm shop – digitally and cashlessly.

The TWINT app can do a great deal more: you can send money to your friends, purchase tickets from SBB and order food to be delivered to your home, and clubs can use it as a method of collecting donations. TWINT offers you everything you need in an app to make your way through the day. Digital payments can be made almost everywhere with TWINT.
Become part of the TWINT community: download the TWINT app for your bank to your smartphone and discover the various functions.

Security that meets Swiss standards

Twint App take security and data protection seriously. And it’s not just us – all the Swiss banks that work with TWINT guarantee comprehensive protection.

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TWINT  ‘one app’ – ‘many functions’

As Switzerland’s leading payment app, TWINT makes the lives of its users a little easier every day. TWINT’s basic functions include cashless payments – quickly and conveniently by smartphone at cash registers, in online shops or at farm shops. The app can do much more than that, however. With TWINT, you can donate money to charities, pay parking fees or even withdraw cash, for example. It is also possible to take out insurance policies or order coffee with just a few clicks in the app. Discover the various functions of Switzerland’s most popular payment app now and use TWINT throughout the day!

Send and request money

With TWINT®, you can transfer money in real time – easily from smartphone to smartphone. And you can also request and receive money from friends and family. Whether you are sending or requesting money: with a photo and a few nice words, you can add a personal and friendly touch to your message.
Twint Payments

With the TWINT app, you can make payments easily and conveniently: in online shops, at supermarket cash registers, in canteens and at vending machines. TWINT offers you many options and is always secure

Make online payments

Pay quickly and securely in online shops and apps: With TWINT, there is no need to enter a complicated card number. You can make payments easily in a matter of seconds using your smartphone via QR code. Open the TWINT app and point your camera at the QR code that you see in the online shop. Or enter the short code in the TWINT app that is displayed in the online shop or app.

Pay at cash registers

At many cash registers, you can pay with TWINT at the payment terminal via QR code. At Coop and other stores, the cash registers are equipped with TWINT Beacons: to make a payment, simply activate Bluetooth, open the app and hold your smartphone up to the TWINT Beacon.

At vending machines

Make cashless payments at vending machines: easily via QR code or the TWINT Beacon. Simply follow the instructions on the vending machine.

What benefits does TWINT offer?

  • Make quick and secure payments in online shops without having to type in credit card numbers laboriously
  • Send and request money
  • Pay for parking fees
  • Make convenient and secure payments at cash registers and vending machines
  • Store customer loyalty cards and employee cards in the app
  • Benefit from discount coupons and digital stamp cards
  • Compatible with all of the popular Android and iOS smartphones
  • Secure data thanks to data storage in Switzerland

Where can I pay with TWINT? 

Payments can be made with TWINT almost everywhere in Switzerland. New businesses, farm shops, restaurants and online shops in which TWINT can be used as a payment method are added every day Check Here  where you can pay securely and quickly with TWINT

Using TWINT to pay in online shops is child’s play and super fast. At the check-out, select “TWINT” as the payment method. Now, use your TWINT app to scan the QR code or enter the five-digit code. On mobile sites, you can normally also switch directly to the TWINT app to ensure a seamless payment process. Please note that you will only receive the five-digit code and the TWINT QR code from merchants. Transfers to private individuals must be carried out via the “Send money” function in the main menu of the app.

on this blog we summarize things which we can talk on TWINT

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